Ask Us- FAQ's

Who are we?  My name is Dickson Wong, owner of Most Mobile Storage.  I am an Osteopathic Practitioner by profession, trained in Australia and practicing over 10 years now in Burnaby at  I started Most Mobile Storage because I have a new baby so having a side business to my health clinic gives me extra income to raise a family. 

What is not allowed for storage?  In general, we help you store most of everything you would store at home.  However, for the safety of our staff and other clients, we do not allow:

  • Firearms, explosives, ammo or weapons.
  • Dangerous materials and flammable liquids.
  • Cash, coins, jewelry, antiques or fine art.
  • Illegal items or goods obtained illegally.
  • Any living animals, like birds, fish or pets.
  • Food or perishable goods.
  • Any waste or items which could emit odours, smells or noxious gas.
  • If you have any questions, please call or text us at 778.806.5822 or 778.998.8886. 
Is your building secure?  Yes, we have resident security that lives on-site and regular patrols, we have a monitored detection system, surveillance cameras and 24 hour digital video recording.

Do I need to buy additional insurance?  With our on-site resident security, regular patrols, monitored control systems, and 24 hour surveillance cameras, you do not need additional insurance.  Also, please check with your home insurance if it may cover your items in storage.  Otherwise, we have partnered with an insurance company if you want additional insurance, please contact us for more details.

Where is your location?  For security reasons, we do not disclose our warehouse location but we guarantee it is climate controlled, with 24 hour security on site, and guaranteed return service within 48 hours. We can offer low storage rates by passing our savings onto to you based on our location.

How soon can you deliver my items back?  Our regular delivery time is 48 hours to your door for $50 or 24 hour return service for $95.  With our low monthly storage rates, you can leave your items with us from $3.50 a day and have them back within 1-2 days.  You save time and convenience in having your items directly returned to you by us.

Is there any long term contract or hidden charges?  Firstly, we pick up your boxed items for free.  The only charges are your monthly storage from $3.50 a day prorated whenever you want all your items back, then the return delivery charge depending if you need 24 hour or 48 hour service.  Thank you for choosing MOST Mobile Storage, your pick up and storage service.